Interview with Lady G Brown

Maria Luísa Silva Gabriel

"I've always felt a person "of the world". And the fact that I live in Portugal doesn't make me feel more Portuguese than Angolan. It makes me feel a mix of both cultures I am Africa, Africa mixed"

"We have all the right to tell each other stories as long as they are true, and without forgetting those 'others'"


"I hate that expression "people of colour" Because we are "all of colour" we all have a colour. We are all the same Racism is dumb"




Biographical Note

DJ Lady G Brown is an artistic character, born in 2006, inspired by a diversity of sonorities and musical influences: from Afro sounds from the 1960s to the latest in music production, especially reggae, jazz and funk. Maria Luísa Silva Gabriel was born in Benguela, Angola, and lives in Lisbon, Portugal.



Interview with African-European Narratives
(conducted by Juliana Espanhol; video editing by João Meirinhos) ©2018.