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African-European Narratives is a storytelling project that addresses the interplay of African and European cultures, widely present in contemporary European societies, rooted in the personal and family stories of many Europeans. Stories of a post-colonial present, of African origin and descent, of colonial memory and post-memory, of wars and conflict, of migration, diaspora and return. The purpose of this project is to address the complexity of this cultural interplay through the richness and diversity of these experiences. Telling stories uncovers the intercultural fabric of contemporary societies and multiplies the voices that can be heard. It also deepens our memory and triggers our imagination, helping us to make sense of who we are. This is why stories are such powerful tools against dominant narratives.

African-European Narratives is also a project of Digital Arts and Humanities. It privileges multimedia practices of narrative and image production in order to map the richness of this cultural, political and esthetical interplay. The result is a digital Atlas of texts, images and sounds gathered through a contributory web platform. Telling stories through an intermedia environment unlocks the aesthetical diversity of cultural expressions, allowing, at the same time, for their contamination. Sharing them across digital networks disregards national boundaries and connects communities.

African-European Narratives is an invitation to re-imagine Europe and to contribute to its post-colonial cartography. One that transcends the circle of national narratives, disrupts their own imaginary homogeneity and disturbs the politics of identity and otherness. It is also an invitation to engage with new media practices, to experiment with new forms of activism and to test the possibilities of a new cultural analytics. An invitation to collectively produce and reappropriate archives, to navigate diversity and visualize new configurations, to empower individual voices as well as trans-individual and transnational processes.

African-European Narratives is a “Europe for Citizens” project that also joins the proclamation of the International Decade of People of African Descent 2015-2024 (UN).



A project of NOVA FCSH
(Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, NOVA University of Lisbon (Lisbon, PT)
With the support of the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union

Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e HumanasInstituto de Comunicação da NovaUnião Europeia

Participant Entities

AFRØPEAN - Adventures in Afro Europe (London, UK)
ICNOVA - NOVA Institute of Communication (Lisbon, PT)
PRSD – Providers of Social Responses For Development (Lisbon, PT)
Savvy Contemporary - Laboratory of Form Ideas (Berlin, DE)
UNESCO Chair – Emergent Practices of Communication and Technology for development, MICA Lab, University Bordeaux-Montaigne (Bordeaux, FR)

Project Team

NOVA FCSH (Lisbon, PT)

Principal Researcher
Maria Teresa Cruz

Research and Edition
Alexandra Magnólia
Cláudia Madeira
David Justino
Maria Augusta Babo
Maria Teresa Cruz
Nuno Correia

Art Direction
Ana Grave
Maria Teresa Cruz

Audiovisual Production
Madalena Miranda (Coordinator)
João Meirinhos

Curation, Performances and Events
Cláudia Madeira
Maria Teresa Cruz
António Mendes

Invited Artists
Ana Borralho & João Galante
Vasco Araújo

Content Development
António Mendes
Inês Morais
João Meirinhos
Juliana Espanhol

Design Project
Ana Grave (Coordinator)
Rui Mendes

Digital Development
Lavinci | Work Smart
Nuno Correia (Consultant)

Communication and Production Management
Lara Branco

Oficial Website
Patrícia Contreiras

Data Protection Officer (DPO)
Rodrigo Adão da Fonsesa

Executive Assistant
Inês Morais

Administrative Assistant
Natália Honório

Johny Pitts

Sónia Magalhães (Director)
Ludgero Silva

Allain Kiyindou
Lynda Kaninda

Bonaventure Ndikung
Annika Niemann
Lynhan Balatbat
Lema Sikod
Invited Artist
Akinbode Akinbiyi

Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Azevedo Neves (ESAN)
Associação de Estudantes da NOVA FCSH | Núcleo de Estudantes Africanos
Biblioteca FCT-UNL, Campus da Caparica
Culturgest, Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Escola Básica e Secundária Passos Manuel (EBSPM)
Escola Secundária Ferreira Dinis (ESFD)
Escola Secundária do Monte da Caparica (ESMC)
Escola Secundária Eduardo Gageiro (ESEG)

António Santos (ESFD)
Bruno Miguel Santos (AEAN)
Elisa Valério (ESMC)
João Paulo Leonardo (EBSPM)
Margarida Baptista (ESEG)
Victor Santos Monteiro (ESMC)

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