Interview with Kiluange Liberdade


"There are many African continents scattered throughout the West and throughout Europe; and many Europes scattered throughout the world"

"It is not a question of feeling more African or more European; it's a question of being aware that identity is no longer a fixed concept"


"Somebody living in the centre of Luanda (Maputo) has more connections with somebody living in the centre of Lisbon, than with somebody belonging to a rural environment in Angola"




Biographical Note

Kiluanje Liberdade is an Angola born cineast and photographer that has lived most of his life in Portugal, the country where he studied and discovered the wish to be a documentary filmmaker. He was one of the very first authors in the Portuguese cinema to address the cultural complexity and the social wounds of the African diaspora and the Afro-descendant generation. His work also explores the relevance of music in the Angolan culture, especially musical genres such as semba, kizomba and kuduro. Some of his films resulted from the collaboration with the Portuguese photographer Inês Gonçalves and the Angolan writer Ondjaki. He is the director of six films, some of them awarded in international festivals: Outros Bairros (1999); Oxalá Cresçam Pitangas (2007); Tchiloli, Máscaras e Mitos (2009); Luanda, a Fábrica da Música (2009); Minha Banda e Eu (2012). His documentary research is currently focused on the African continent.



Interview with African-European Narratives
(conducted by Cláudia Madeira; video editing by João Meirinhos) ©2018.