Interview with Kalaf Epalanga


"It's much better to have several cultures inside of us than being monotonic, so to speak"

"It's like if Europe would force us to choose a certain identity instead of others and wouldn't understand that our richness, speaking in the case of Portugal, specifically lies in having a language that is spoken for 200 million people."


"The youngsters will know how to approach the questions of identity. I have inherited the fears of my parents... and the certainties too"




Biographical Note

Kalaf Epalanga is a chronicle and a published writer also known for his work as a music producer, having had a major influence in the cultural and music scene in Lisbon, since the 1990s. He founded Enchufada's music label and joined the band Buraka Som Sistema, a national and internationally successful musical experience that boosted the sound of kuduro across Europe. He was born in Angola and lives at present between Lisboa e Berlin. He was a columnist for the newspaper Público, and has published three books: Love Stories for Coloured Children (2011), The Angolan who bought Lisbon (for half price) (2014); Also white people can dance (2017)



Interview with African-European Narratives
(conducted by Cláudia Madeira; video editing by João Meirinhos) ©2018.