Interview with Afrodeutsche

Henrietta Smith-Rolla

"I get asked a lot what it is like to be a black woman doing music. My reality... it has been great... bizarre but amazing"

"I grew up in a white community. I had to deal with historical racism.My mum is amazing she taught me not to hate"


"Technology is meant that we can have a voice. It’s time… Don’t hate, try to understand."




Biographical Note

Afrodeutsche is a British born Ghanaian/Russian/German composer, producer and DJ based in Manchester. Her productions cross a wide range of styles including classical solo piano, techno, house and electro.Through sound, Afrodeutsche journeys deep into the world of Film, Documentary Film and Theatre composition.Afrodeutsche is rising rapidly and powerfully. Her live sets are meticulous, and her productions intricate. She holds a monthly radio show on the reputable NTS, featuring her own productions, ranging from dark electro to breaks and jacking house. She is one of the most representative voices of afrofuturism.



Interview with African-European Narratives
(conducted by Juliana Espanhol ; video editing by João Meirinhos) ©2018.