A diferent art Carmen Fragoso Gundín

When I was little and started to draw, I tried to copy everything that was around me: furniture, photo frames, trees, decoration figures ... I did not distinguish between them and I simply drew them.

When I started 7-8 years ago I began to differentiate them well in my drawings, especially some figures of sargadelos and a couple of African statues that my mother had at home. The truth is that they started to give me a bit of fear, and I could not get down the stairs of my house alone. So I stopped copying the statues because I was too scared to look at them for a long time.

Over time, I got used to them and I already felt part of my house, and did not give much importance, I realized that I no longer seemed strange any kind of sculpture of that style, I seemed something every day.

Although they seemed normal when I drew them, they were not as I saw them, but I did them with a European style that was very strange, I did not make them synthetics, it was impossible to copy them as they were, always introduced some element of art European in it.

Any day I will manage to draw or sculpt them as they are? Or will I be always with a haze of classic art in my eyes?