The story of the Mozambican girl who move to Portugal (and her family) anonimous

Hi, my name is Sharon. I was born and raised in an African country called Mozambique, right next to the Indigo Ocean and really far away from where I live now, Portugal. Now there comes the question everyone is thinking about, why am I writing in English? Well, Portuguese is my mother language but for some reason, or maybe for that specific reason, English has always felt like a more safe line of expression. I would love to be here writing in one of my native languages: the one closest to home, Xangana or "Shangani", how it's written here on the website. But the truth is it was never part of my education, surprisingly as that may be. Actually, I've only realized how much of a surprising fact that was when I got to Portugal, because that's when I had the opportunity to meet various African natives, from the most distinct nationalities, more than I could ever meet in a lifetime spent in Mozambique, and who actively communicate in their native languages Thruth be told, I've never felt more African than I feel now that Im living in European ground, but that's a subject to talk about lastly. First I want to tell you about what is was like to grow in Africa but, before I begin, let me just get a few things clear: First, I didn't grow up without water or electricity, let's make that clear. I actually think it's funny when people ask me that, though some of my African native friends might even get offended. It's ridiculous to build the image of an entire CONTINENT in such a limiting condition. Yes, poverty is a reality in some parts of Africa, but just as it is in any other part of the world. Africa is so much more than that. Second,