Africa and Portugal

I am from Angola. I spend my childhood and adolescence in Angola. There are different plants and fruits. The country’s symbol is the embondeiro, that is also BIC’s symbol (a bank). And the airplanes’ symbol is Palanca Negra. We have many traditions, when we are born we cry, when we die we sing and eat. On the seventh day we have a tradition: eat and drink, we dance and keep a plate aside to the person who died. Weddings last a week, we eat and dance until the seventh day. We have a dance called macungas. Beautiful. We have wild fruits from Angola. For example, maboque, tajamanga, luengos, manga rosa and matendes. The most known is brututo and pau de cabinda. That land produces twice a year. We have palm trees, coconut tree, olive tree, … The flowers that I know are orchids, daisy, hyazinthe, boca de lobo, … We are from Africa, we are welcoming people. In 1975, I ran away from war.